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Trisha J's Awesome Single 'Reality's A Bore' Brims with Creativity and Talent

Jan 27, 06:04pm

As far as breaths of fresh air go, this song has swallowed an entire box of mints

Pune songwriter Trisha J has been putting out music for quite some time now, but her latest single ‘Reality’s A Bore’ really kicks it up a notch as far as original independent music out of India goes. Here’s a tune that grooves hard, takes a bunch of artistic risks and succeeds in every possible way.

This song is a classic example of a musician having as much fun as they possibly can over the course of three too-short minutes. The tune starts out as a silly funhouse pop song with music-box keyboard sounds, and it’s only when it shifts to an almost offensively groovy verse that you realize what Trisha is trying to accomplish here. She swings for the fences in every possibly way; there’s loud guitar in the pre-chorus, a chill pre-pre-chorus (yes, this exists now), and a maximalist approach to the choruses themselves; they’re arena-rock-inspired passages that seem to exist only to make a crowd dance.

And then, after that, she decides to go half-time and take the song ‘underwater’ in the modern neo-soul tradition. This is creative freedom done right.

‘Reality’s A Bore’ is perhaps the most interesting interpretation of escapism and the spirit of fun we’ve heard in a while; there’s a good chance that you will only find all the nuances of the arrangement on listen number three, and there’s enough entertainment to be had in the two listens that will precede it. This one’s genuinely got something for everyone, and you are guaranteed to have a good time as a result. Press play below.


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