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A harmony driven outfit- Second Sight

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Second Sight talk to us about their music and making the band after graduating from music school
 Photo Courtesy: Second Sight

With the pool of talent that exists in the music school campuses, finding right collaborators would be an early task that a promising musician needs to overcome. In the case of Swarnabhoomy Academy of Music (SAM) graduates, Anusha and Pushkar, perhaps, fate had a little role in the plan. In their batch, the two musicians were the only enrolled students for Majors in vocals.



"A lot of our influences were similar, that helped too," says Pushkar, the Patna-born Mumbai-based co-founder of Second Sight. Now, the duo has shifted base to Mumbai. However, that's not the only change in the duo's journey since the inception. "The band has two sets - one involving Anusha and I as an acoustic duo, and Second Sight the band, featuring a drummer, keyboardist and the bassist, who's also an SAM graduate."


“The song 'Make Me Better' was initially created with just Anusha and I singing with our guitars. But now that we have a band, we reimagined this song with other instruments”
- Pushkar Srivatsal, Second Sight


Pushkar and Anusha have been singing for two and a half years, and that resulting compatibility reflects on each other's songwriting evolution in the past one year. The band released its music video for the original 'Make Me Better', a song written when the first track 'Follow You' was released a year ago. "Another song that was initially created with just Anusha and I singing with our guitars. But now that we have a band, we reimagined this song with other instruments," added the songwriter.



Second Sight's original compositions were later adapted in a band setting as the duo expanded in a 5-piece full fledged act. "Initially, we thought we'd choose a few songs that'd fit in a 'band setting'. But now, we'd creating songs accordingly," asserts the co-founder. The band will release three singles pretty soon, adds Pushkar. But towards the beginning of 2018, Second Sight would be seen (or rather heard) in its natal avatar with the release of debut EP, a four track acoustic duo offering.


What wouldn't change, assures Pushkar, is the band's USP - a 'harmony driven' outfit. With only semester breaks for polishing the originals, the duo's current geographical and post-academic status allows them to create more. Having already performed at Piano Man Jazz Club, the band has its sight on the renowned venues across the country. 



The band's latest video, also shot with the help of Cotton Press Studio, received 10000 views in a week, and surely another similar effort should be on the cards. "We also have a video line-up from Cotton Press Studio," informs the singer.


Watch Second Sight's song 'Make Me Better' Live at Cotton Press Studio here


Watch Second Sight live at Sofar below:



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