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The Yellow Bucket: Adding Their Colour To The Music Scenario

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Emphasizing on creating simple, feel good music with a tangle free recording process, The Yellow Bucket are a new addition to the music circuit; recently coming into the limelight with the release of their debut album Two Halves.

The Indian underground music scene is rapidly getting its glass filled with a large body of musicians gushing forward to make their presence felt. Today, we have groups challenging themselves with an extremely diverse array of genres (also making some new ones on the way) to make music on a pedestal impressive enough to deserve attention and appreciation. And it is in this space, that we see the birth of a new project called The Yellow Bucket, a simple electro-acoustic duo striving to please the audiences with its easily lovable tracks off of their debut album, Two Halves. A formulation of two individuals, namely Ritwik De and Subhadra Kamath - well settled members in the country’s music circuit - the project has emerged with an outlook to deviate from the complexity surrounding full-fledged bands; emphasizing on just creating simple acoustic music with the aid of an equally simple recording process. In fact such complexity can be easily deciphered by listening to their other pet projects including Tankbund, Sage and the Comets, and Mindflew. “I was really interested in making music on an acoustic guitar, which was not happening. We wanted to make simple, chilled out music. It did take quite some time,” says Ritwik De, when questioned on how the idea of the project flowered in the members’ head. Moreover, this simplistic, happy-go-lucky tag not only limits itself to the music but also to the band name; which as we were told partly derives from the experience of making music after having hearty amounts of beer.

Now one of the most interesting aspects about this album is how it has managed to conjure up a collection of seven easily likeable tracks, with an inherent simplicity radiating throughout the composition, and the recording process. The lyrics mostly delve into the everyday lives of people as Ritwik points out, “Both of us have fun writing stuff together, about random things. The song ‘Run’ is about how you really get sucked into the corporate scenario and miss out on the real aspects of life.” The recording process was kept minimalistic, with a part of it taking place at the hill station Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh (the rest at Ritwik’s Ghar Ka Studios); where they happened to chance across some street musicians who ultimately ended up lending some of their tunes to the album. On this novel experience, Ritwik tells us: “We wanted to get away from the city. We were randomly walking one day and came across guys playing the flute and the nagada. It was my first attempt at proper sampling. “ However, as regards such collaborations with local musicians, he clarifies that such a process should not be made very obvious, but should remain natural and accidental.

In light of the creative formation of the album and background of the people behind it, we can easily place this project in a continuum which stands up for the independence of artists especially in the Indian underground music scene. Being the brains behind ventures like DIY Day (stay tuned because another edition seems to be on the cards) and Ghar Ka Studios, Ritwik and Subadhra seem to already have the much needed experience in promoting and supporting independent, non-mainstream music in India. “People need to become more realistic about the music scenario. An album is an intense creative process. It takes a lot of time to come up with the idea of an album. I believe in putting up music for free. The main thing is that music has to spread and the Internet is a boon here. The music scene is something which can be shaped into something massive, “ says Ritwik; which seems to be an indirect call for everyone wanting to spread their music in the country.

Now aiming to play various gigs, work on a music video and even organize a tour, The Yellow Bucket surely are doing their bit to make the recently proliferating band culture in India even more colorful.

Although Ritwik says that this was one album they wanted to do without any expectations, the kind of response it has been met with cannot be overlooked. Featured on UK website diymag.com as well as French online magazine pausemusicale.com, the members of this project would definitely be rejoicing. And the fact that one gets such a positive response when one doesn’t expect much makes it all the more sweet.


Stream Two Halves by The Yellow Bucket below:


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