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Album Gig

The Second Wave by David De Menezes: A Must-Listen Album

Unique, interesting and far from the norm

album Jun 21, 2022

By Vaibhav Kumar  

This Album From Langur Lucid Could Be The Best Debut Of The Year So Far

‘Edible Ennui’ is wall-to-wall quality and, well, just a great time

album Jun 16, 2022


Demodemo By Dokodoko Is The Most Unremarkable Release Of The Year Nobody Was Waiting For

Not really, though.

album May 17, 2022

By Vaibhav Kumar  

Over The Edge Treat Their Sound With Respect On Their Debut EP

‘If I Stay, Would You Run Away’ has some great songs and a good understanding of rock

album May 10, 2022


Sunnieth Takes A Delightful Left Turn With His Dreamy New EP

‘Hymns For The Drunk’ is beautiful in every sense of the term

album Mar 31, 2022


The Bloodywood Review

What can we learn from ‘Rakshak’ after enjoying its wall-to-wall energy?

album Mar 19, 2022


Bilkul Takes On The Establishment On His Somewhat Gritty New EP

‘Zabardast’ is a more incisive outing than one would superficially think

album Mar 13, 2022


Skand Paints A Deeply Detailed Picture On His Often Surprising Debut Album

‘Neo-Electoro’ is what happens when you give music a bit of time

album Feb 25, 2022


Indie And Post-Rock Come Together On A New Effort From Devraj B

‘Heaving To’ incorporates some great sounds into a solid blueprint

album Feb 01, 2022


Aditi Iyer Excels On Emotive EP

'Dollhouse' is theatrics and drama done right

album Dec 23, 2021


Mocaine Gets The Concept Album Down To A T

‘The Birth Of Billy Munro’ gives the art of musical storytelling the ridiculous attention it deserves

album Dec 15, 2021


Owlist Takes The Lo-Fi High Road On Warm New Album

Get your day in order, because ‘Amoeba’ is focus music with depth

album Dec 09, 2021