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Akshita Mengi Tugs On The Ol' Heartstrings With Her Melancholy Tune 'Noor'

Jun 06, 03:48pm

Romantic sadness 101.

It’s as good a time as any to label the kind of music Bangalore’s Akshita Mengi is making on her single ‘Noor’ because at this point, enough of it exists that it has developed its own relatively unique identity. It has the overall vibe of a classic Bollywood ballad; drama and tenderness in equal measure, complete with glitzy production and a simple, relatable narrative. But it’s indie at heart; the narrative is not overwrought, it’s not packed to the brim with histrionics and unnecessary drama, and you can tell from the get-go that the song is written with honesty and not the product of a mindless hit-making machine that only concerns itself with streaming numbers. What would one call it? Faux-llywood? Perhaps that’s a bit too heavy-handed and plain wrong. Indie pop? Perhaps it’s a bit too downright simple and outright nice to fit that box. Good music? That probably fits just fine.

‘Noor’ is the kind of song that makes you feel something in spite of every preconceived notion you might have about this kind of down-to-earth acoustic guitar music. It’s far too simple by most of those tokens. There’s just a guitar that is playing a really standard melody; the chords implied are typical late night hours material. Akshita has a clear-as-a-bell voice that she uses to great effect, telling a story that everyone who has heard music would be able to relate to in a matter of seconds. The production is punchy and very clear, but it’s not overdone. In fact, nothing on this song is overdone, and that’s what makes it a good listen. It appeals to that instinct in all of us that makes us feel things, and it doesn’t let pretentiousness and try-hardism (that’s most definitely not a word) get in the way. So there you go. Good song, good lyrics, playability. Score!


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