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Medha Sahi Makes A Confident Indie Solo Debut

Jun 03, 05:16pm

‘Ordinary’ is a refined (and playlist-worthy) first offering

Medha Sahi is based out of Goa and makes indie pop music. Her simple-as-you-like single is called ‘Ordinary’ and is technically her debut under her own name, but it’s far from her first musical undertaking; she’s been in a couple of music projects before and done some work in the industry too. So, it comes as absolutely no surprise that the two and a half minutes of music on show is nicely performed, written with poise and sounds like something made by an experienced artist. Because, well, it is.

The song is centered on some familiarly sweet electric piano chords in 6/8 time (which is the internationally recognized sign for a pop ballad, brought to prominence by every musician with long hair in the 80s) and doesn’t have many frills at all. In fact, it’s got an understated and easygoing attitude to itself that, in many indie scenes around the world, is sort of modern chic. Even Medha’s vocals are more whispery and intimate than soaring. Except for the bass (that’s far boomier than you’d expect for the genre), there’s everything you’d expect for a tender, warm indie tune; clean guitars, minimal drums, and an outro that ends on a quiet note (the chords really shine here). ‘Ordinary’ isn’t looking to be right in your face or challenge you with something you aren’t used to. It’s more intended to be a comfortable part of your daily rotation that’s played a bunch of times as you go through your life. And that’s very much the flavour of the day.


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