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Celebrating A Legend: Nandu Bhende Memorial Concert at Blue Frog, Mumbai on May 8

May 05, 03:22pm

A memorial concert celebrating the life of Nandu Bhende, a true rock 'n' roll pioneer in India, will be held at the Blue Frog, Mumbai, on May 8. 

A tribute concert celebrating the life of Nandu Bhende, a true rock ‘n’ roll legend in India, is all set to be held at the Blue Frog, Mumbai on Thursday, May 8, featuring performances by Lesle Lewis, Zedde, Mihir Joshi, The Hoodwink Circle, as well as the Nandu Bhende Band, Nandu Bhende Encounter, and Amrita Bhende and Akshay Bhende. Nandu Bhende, who passed away on April 11 this year, was a pioneering rock musician in the country way back in the ’70s, when the sound was not very popular here, singing for bands such as Velvette Fogg, Brief Encounter and then Savage Encounter. He was also a prominent theatre personality, even singing and acting in India’s first rock opera, in addition to playback singing, and is sorely missed by the rock community in India.

The memorial concert celebrating his life will be held on May 8 at the Blue Frog. Entry has been priced at Rs. 400, with proceeds from the gate benefitting Aastha Parivar, a health and advocacy organization for Mumbai’s sex workers and their children.

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