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DIY Day 2 To Be Held On November 1 & 2

Aug 29, 02:45pm

Delhi's resident independent arts and culture fiesta, DIY Day is back for a second edition promising a bigger roster this time around. We spoke to co-founder Ritwik De about his anticipation for the upcoming festival.

The second edition of The Yellow Bucket members’ – Ritwik De and Subhadra Kamath – eclectic art festival, DIY Day, is proposed to be held on November 1 and 2 at the Akshara theater in New Delhi. “It’s a very integral part of life; following up with something you’ve already done.” Ritwik told us, “Of course, it’s going to be the second one so it has to be bigger in terms of more acts since we’re planning to keep it a two day festival. And so, the budget also gets doubled. So to raise the money and everything, it does make me nervous but I’m more excited than nervous.” DIY Day’s first edition earlier this year, included performances of music and comedy, and stalls ranging across food and ‘other cool stuff’. The original idea was to bring different kinds of independent artists in the same place, a “From the Basement kind of thing, but in India” as Ritwik told us. If you’re an independent artist of nearly any kind or style, you can sign up for DIY Day II and be a part of the upcoming edition.

Ritwik and Subhadra initially shared their ideas of getting different forms of art together in one place, three years ago. The duo had found a common goal toward creating a platform for independent art to be the centre of attention, negating other distractions you commonly see in venues around the city. “It’s not their fault,” Ritwik told us about the audiences he’s met. “They’re also there to have a good time you know; not really there to listen to the music.” Therefore, the twosome ventured upon creating a platform themselves.

The festival’s as much about bringing different art forms together as it is about attracting an audience; “We’re looking at the diverse acts, and diverse line ups, in terms of the art bands performing.” Ritwik said, “We are also trying to incorporate some poetry slam, dance, some art installations, and some independent films.”

The duo’s experience working with different art styles including music, plays, musicals, etc., brought an irregularity in art appreciating audiences to their attention. Ritwik said, “We noticed that the crowd that comes for gigs is one crowd, and the crowd that goes for plays is another crowd, and so on. We wanted to do an experiment of getting all of them together. Everybody who’s doing anything independently, get them together in one place. That was the whole idea behind DIY.”

Visit the Facebook page for further information, and to sign up.

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