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RIP Jeff Beck (1944-2023)

Jan 12, 08:54am

Anyone who knows about a guitar knows the magnitude of Jeff Beck's career and what he has meant to both the instrument as well as music in general. His legendary output and mastery of the instrument makes him one of the most important musicians in history, and it hurts to lose him.

But his output goes far beyond all the music he did; after the Yardbirds, after his solo career. He has the best song on the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack. He played on the Days Of Thunder soundtrack (which Hans Zimmer did). He was on Bon Jovi's first album, Kate Bush's The Red Shoes, and even a Kelly Clarkson performance on American Idol. He made Nadia with Nitin Sawnhey, Brian Wilson's solo album... and this is scratching the surface.

The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame (of which he is a member) does not begin to cover his influence and range as an artist. So go listen to his music now, and you'll be as amazed as you were the first time.


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