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gini and Tansen. Come Together On The Short' Sweet 'Jugnoo'

Nov 07, 04:53pm

The two producers seem to be vibing well on this collaboration

Tansen.’s recent collaboration with 16-year-old singer/songwriter gini comes in the form of their latest release “Jugnoo” – a soft, mellow ditty that is minimalistic in approach and sensible in its delivery. The track that had been recorded in Tansen.’s bedroom studio, explores the concept of memories and anecdotes in life that may be fleeting but still hang around us, almost akin to fireflies (or “jugnoo” in Urdu). The song comes as a result of the producer’s first collaborative venture this year while being the second one ever for gini who already possesses 3 singles in her basket.

Calm and serene in its textures, “Jugnoo” opens with delicate piano chords that go on to accompany gini’s doleful vocals. Very minimal guitar work complements the track as it plays along its steady, laidback rhythm. Evoking a sense of innocence, the song is melodic, smooth and simple, really taking the cake when it comes to the mix and production. The song doesn’t try to flaunt itself at all, rather relies on simplicity to do all the talking. Its lullaby-like flavours are almost enough to lull you into sleep. Especially the neo-soul-oriented sampled guitar parts evokes a nice chill-hop soundscape with minimalistic beats accompanying it. The song may not be over the top and flamboyant musicality-wise, but it really does make you feel something through its lyrics and overall soothing soundscape.


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