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That Good Good Is A Well-Crafted Musical Enterprise

Oct 27, 03:31pm

‘Walk Of Shame’ is just a relaxed, safe bit of entertainment

That Good Good was formed during the pandemic and this groovy little song is their debut, but it’s very easy to tell that it comes from experienced musicians and writers. This is, of course, true. The duo consists of Harsh Gadhvi and Sahil Shah, who both play in The Yellow Diary and have done a hell of a lot of work in India’s indie scene for years now. The vocals on this single are provided by Yohan Marshall, who makes stuff under the name YodaDrunk now and has made, again, a lot of music over the last decade and more. So this song does not need a deep dive on whether it’s listenable or not. It is. It’s written well and made well. In fact, the duo’s musical direction is of far more interest.

To underline in red ink, of course the bones of the track are nice. It’s built on a base of (old-school?) funk music from decades past that’s been popping up in every third release the last year or so (thank you Silk Sonic!) and it shows. There is some modern pop in the vocal melodies too, which is a well-refined idea here in 2022. So it’s all very cool and collected. Groove is great. The bassline is delicious. Guitars and vocals are on point too. In fact, even the layering at journey’s end is on point. So is there anything notable here? Maybe not so much, but this respectful and playful treatment of a known genre is very much worth appreciating. The gang is having some fun on ‘Walk Of Shame’, and if this is your kind of sound, so will you.


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