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The Sacred Geometry Show Depth On 'Paper'

Nov 10, 05:20pm

There's quite a bit under the hood of this new single

Indie-electronic artists The Psy Owl and PRNV’s collaborative venture The Sacred Geometry came out with the third single in its fledgling discography, ‘Paper’ – an ethereal electro-ambient trip that free-falls into its lush, idiosyncratic textures. The duo has been actively producing music ever since their conception, coming out with a debut EP and another single earlier this year. Blending elements from a diverse range of influences, this collaboration has managed to create a signature sound that has been motivated by various aspects of visual concepts, also inspiring the project’s name. According to the artists themselves (who come from an architectural background), The Sacred Geometry’s compositions and arrangements have been conceptualized from geometric theories and rely heavily on architecture when it comes to crafting their polychromatic soundscapes.

‘Paper’ is smooth and rich, establishing glitchy rhythmic elements quite early in its course to create a base for its melody lines and vocals to flourish. The vocals seem a little weak at certain points, not bringing out too much flavour in their melodic approach, which makes them ending up a bit cliché and overused. That being said, the raw radio-ish effect on them gives a certain layer of depth. The use of sampled Indian classical vocals and reverb-drenched sustained guitar embellishments spices up the soundscape, making it vibrant and vibey. All in all, this evocative release from the duo shows some encouraging potential in the arena of contemporary electronic music with a refreshing twist. The track is also accompanied by a vivid and colourful music video that encapsulates its sentiments.


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