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IIT Roorkee Kicks Off Its Megafest This Week

Oct 14, 02:41pm

Thomso’19 runs the gamut of cultural events over its three days
 Photo Courtesy: THOMSO '19

College fests have been a part of creative culture for a while now. It provides a great opportunity for students to see what they are good at and acts as a platform for those who are thinking of putting and effort into something like a band. There have been a fair number of cases where long-term collaborations and music outfits start in college and become a full career later down the line, so the importance of these events cannot be ignored. IIT Roorkee is presenting the 38th edition of its widely-known fest this week, and the very scale of it proves that the culture is very much alive and relevant.

The fest has seen big-ticket names like Farhan Akhtar, Kailash Kher. The Local Train and many others attend; this year’s pro night (Day 2) has songwriting duo Salim-Suleiman as the main act. Fests like this provide an opportunity for national and international acts to play gigs to huge student audiences, and nights like this one are ideally not to be missed. As for the events on show, needless to say, the fest has everything imaginable. From gaming to music (their battle of the bands event Sargam has been a fixture on the competition circuit for years) to fashion to even finance and literature, there is something for every inclination and interest. Add to that a carnival with a whole bunch of casual events and you have a fest that covers more ground in three days than other events would do in a month.


The fest did its zonal talent hunt in six cities and are planning to do more next year, so whether you are participating or not, it will be a great three days. College fests are always fun experiences, and with one like this, there will always be things you won’t see anywhere else.


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