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j. Beans Gives Us A Little Soulful Rock On His Single 'butterfly effect'

Aug 30, 05:17pm

Clean and simple.

j. Beans is based out of Delhi and makes rock music that has tons of influence from the 90s. This was the era of grunge, flannel and an emotional rebellion against the often obscene materialism of the 80s (and the worst snare drum sounds in music history). As instrumentation becomes more and intricate today in 2023 in heavy or heavily sample-based genres, his single ‘butterfly effect’ proves that there is still a place for simple, raw, guitar-backed material. Perhaps there always will be?

Krish Gupta (who is j. Beans) invites fellow musician Jaiditya Jha to the song, which is simple enough to not need a long paragraph full of flowery adjectives. It’s a bitter, sorrowful eulogy and a exploration of loss that is anchored around classic grunge chords and an acoustic guitar. There’s some oddly woolly drums that are mixed differently to the bright, warm guitars and bass, but they play a catchy enough groove. There’s a really nice outro that lasts just a few bars, and that’s about it, really. No extravagance, no big solo, no long bridge with another refrain. ‘butterfly effect’ is succinct at two and half minutes, and it says only what it needs to.


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