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Priyansh Gupta Makes A Lasting Impression On His Debut 'Uncertainty'

Aug 21, 05:49pm

There’s some great sonic choices on display here

Here’s a sort of melancholic pop-rock song from Delhi singer-songwriter Priyansh Gupta, who has started releasing music as a solo artist but is no stranger to making said music. At least, that’s the impression ‘Uncertainty’ will give you right from the first listen. It’s a confidently written guitar-based track that has excellent chord selection, a range of influences and a solid sense of progression. This, of course, makes for a gratifying song and a great introduction to a new artist.

‘Uncertainty’ is a ballad, but it belongs in a particular camp. That camp is the type of slower, melodic and emotional music written specifically by progressive rock musicians when they want to take a break from all the ‘progging’. This style carries some hallmarks, all of which you can find here. The chord selection (which is perhaps the song’s biggest strength) is decidedly melancholic and bittersweet; the entire first half of the song does this and every little change sound better than the last. There’s the attitude of gradually adding elements to push the song’s narrative forward - again, done here very well and with purpose. You will find piano and strings creeping into the mix; Priyansh even finds the time to include two short lead guitar moments on a four-minute song. And of course, the final characteristic of good balladry is catchiness. You will find that too, and in spades.

There is almost no single section of the entire song that isn’t at least hummable. The choruses are addictive, the tonal shifts are memorable and the melodies have the deadly quality of making a home in your brain for hours after the song has stopped playing. This is all very good news, and Priyansh Gupta has got off to quite the strong start.


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