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"Bro, you are fire" - Remembering Amit Saigal

On what would be Amit Saigal's 51st birthday today, ex- Creative Head and Executive Editor , Rock Street Journal and the creator of it's now legendary logo, Reuben Bhattacharya reminisces about his time with Amit and his history with the magazine, in this heartfelt pen-down.

features Jul 06, 2016

By Reuben Bhattacharya  

In Conversation with Colossal Figures

The Delhi progressive metal band on returning to the stage after more than a year with a new vocalist 

interviews Jun 26, 2016

By Anurag Tagat  

In Conversation with Fake Plastic Friends

The Mumbai band, comprising members from the likes of Coshish, Spud in the Box and Winit Tikoo and more, on what’s going into their upcoming tribute to Porcupine Tree

interviews May 25, 2016

By Anurag Tagat  

10 Observations About Indie March 2016

The two-day festival in Bengaluru drew exactly the right (read: not selfie-crazed) crowd

features Mar 25, 2016

By Anurag Tagat  

In Conversation with Bombay Black's Samrat Bharadwaj, Randolph Correia and Paresh Kamath

The founding members of the Mumbai band that started out in 1999 talk about returning with their new album ‘Snow White and the Seven Bungalows’ and where the sound is headed

interviews Mar 24, 2016

By Anurag Tagat  

Around the World in Metal

We dig up some local heroes from across the globe that you should check out 

features Mar 14, 2016

By Anurag Tagat  

In Conversation with bass guitarist Jayen Varma at NAMM 2016, Los Angeles

Lise McKean talks to the Kochi-based bassist about his first time at the hallowed NAMM Show 

interviews Mar 11, 2016

By RSJ Staff  

Bombay Black are Back with New Video

The top notch Mumbai rock band return with ‘Boing Boing Boing’

BUZZ! Feb 11, 2016

By Anurag Tagat  

In Conversation with Ennui.BOMB's Rishu Singh Ahead of New Wave Musicfest

The Mumbai indie artist manager and event organizer looks back at 2015 and says Bengaluru has got a double treat this holiday season

interviews Dec 24, 2015

By RSJ Staff  

From Scaring Kids to Worst Shows: In Conversation with Battles

The American experimental rock band, comprising former Helmet and Don Caballero members, talk about their first ever India show at the Humming Tree, Bengaluru

interviews Dec 12, 2015

By Anurag Tagat  

Peepal Tree Release First Music Video

In conversation with Bengaluru’s best new alt rock group, comprising members from the likes of Bhoomi, Thermal and a Quarter and the Raghu Dixit Project, who have just launched their new music video for ‘Roshan-E-Kaafile’ and head to Pune for their first Weekender set in December 

interviews Nov 17, 2015

By Anurag Tagat  

Grammy Winning Effort Launch Debut Album

If you’re a hardcore band like Delhi’s Grammy Winning Effort who love to make people slam dance and do a little air guitar solo every now and then to songs about bi-winning actor Charlie Sheen, you won’t be surprised to hear what their debut self-titled album is about. The band told us, “People need to wake up and do whatever it is they want to do. You want to dress up like a goat and bleat at people on the street in the middle of Bandra, then do it!” 

interviews Sep 30, 2015

By Anurag Tagat