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Kolkata Artist Topshe Oozes Charm


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Going by his most recent single ‘Always Ends This Way’, we’ve got another crooner on our hands
 Photo Courtesy: Topshe

Topshe is an R&B artist from Kolkata with a few singles under his belt. Since being part of the genre isn’t trendy or bandwagon-jumping anymore (it’s the pre-eminent popular genre besides hip-hop these days), it is possible to look at his output without bias. He has a strong voice and a good grasp of songwriting. The last single he released, ‘Always Ends This Way’ has a bittersweet air to it and intelligently combines the brightness of the genre with his pathos about relationships and the like.

Talking production is sounding more and more stale by the day as a certain sound and set of sonic touches have pretty much become the norm. That being said, this track does have a clarity to it that is a bit of a departure from the usual dusty, crackly, faux-old affairs we are now accustomed to. The holy trinity of warm keys, bass and drums is present here, with a little guitar to give it a bit of groove. Guitars used rhythmically are always fun to listen to; this is no different. The instrumental sounds spacious and airy, which is yet again a good thing; the over-compressed and dense sound of most modern reimaginings of this genre sound oppressive at times. But it is his vocals that do the work. Topshe has a very unassuming and clear delivery on ‘Always Ends This Way’ and man, does it go over well. It’s a great fit for the similarly simple instrumental and he doesn’t use a single off inflection or vocal trick to detract from the again very simple and sweet melodies. The only extra element in the mix are some crystal clear backing vocals. The little guitar line in the middle of the track goes over well and when he croons, it doesn’t sound overly mushy or overwrought.



Simplicity is a bit of a double-edged sword. Not having enough to listen to in a song results in precisely that: disappointment and maybe a tinge of boredom. But Topshe is getting it right here; his music seems simple and honest but not empty and low-effort. ‘Always Ends This Way’ is a good example of how not to go too far in either direction. One can expect growth in this regard.


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